With our reputable track record in career guidance, we provide our clients with comprehensive and professional expertise across all avenues in football, which is accessible whenever and wherever needed. Thanks to our global presence, we give you information obtained from our experience and world class global network groups, to find tailored solutions for your career related needs.

We provide consultancy and advice on:

– Player and club representation
– The sale or movement and acquisition of players to other football clubs
– Contractual negotiations and offers from clubs
– Scouting activities – providing a player outlook from studying your videos
– Advice for the next stage of your career whether at the beginning as an academy or scholar, the middle as a professional player or coming towards the end at the height of your career
– Advice to those who may have the aspirations of becoming footballers but have not been lucky enough to receive the right opportunity to showcase their skills.
– In addition to players, our clients also include parents planning their kids potential future pathways in football.

Football is ever changing and to make sure you’re on your way up the most suitable career route, it makes sense to seek the advice or an example of successful stories and outcomes of roads that have been well travelled. During our consultancy, we can provide examples of players that have taken similar pathways and provide guidance on what the best next step to take is.

As a new client, we offer 30 minutes free in addition to an hourly rate for first time consultations over pre booked conference call time slots.

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