Program Overview

Our key aims include educating and training people to gain the knowledge and experience in the day to day activities of football agents and provide a pathway to employment.

Qualification and Certificate

Our accredited program offers a fast track course in a range of different knowledge-based modules. Trainees will be given the tools they need to pursue a career as a football agent at the highest level. Trainees who complete the course successfully will receive a qualification certificate.

This course can lead to potential roles as a football consultant or football agent/intermediary.

There is no minimum requirement to be eligible to apply for this course and outcomes and results are delivered after a minimum of 48 hours assessment.


The course consists of trainees following a list of modules put together by an expert panel of respected and top-level agents. During the course they will learn key information which will challenge them to be placed in the position of an agent in a number of scenarios, and be educated on different areas of work in the football and sports agent industry, they can also be provided with tutoring and access to our tutors to assist a successful completion.

Who is this course for?

The course is open to all who aspire to become a football scout, football consultant, or football agent.


Participants do not have to be registered as an agent/intermediary to be part of this course.

Career Pathways

Pathways following this work experience can lead to becoming a football scout, football consultant, or football agent. Those who receive successful outcomes can also be offered permanent roles with us as a football consultant.

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